List of Good Class Bungalow Areas (GCBA) in Singapore

Updated on: Apr 23, 2024

There are currently 39 designated Good Class Bungalow Areas (GCBAs) in Singapore.  These areas are considered the most exclusive and prestigious residential zones in the country.

  1. GCBA Belmont Park
  2. GCBA Bin Tong Park
  3. GCBA Binjai Park
  4. GCBA Brizay Park
  5. GCBA Bukit Sedap
  6. GCBA Bukit Tunggal
  7. GCBA Caldecott Hill Estate
  8. GCBA Camden Park
  9. GCBA Chatsworth Park
  10. GCBA Chee Hoon Avenue
  11. GCBA Chestnut Avenue
  12. GCBA Cluny Hill
  13. GCBA Cluny Park
  14. GCBA Cornwall Gardens
  15. GCBA Dalvey Estate
  16. GCBA Eng Neo Avenue
  17. GCBA Ewart Park
  18. GCBA First Avenue / Third Avenue
  19. GCBA Ford Avenue
  20. GCBA Fourth Avenue / Sixth Avenue
  21. GCBA Gallop Road / Woollerton Park
  22. GCBA Garlick Avenue
  23. GCBA Holland Rise
  24. GCBA Holland Park
  25. GCBA Kilburn Estate
  26. GCBA King Albert Park
  27. GCBA Leedon Park
  28. GCBA Nassim Road
  29. GCBA Maryland Estate
  30. GCBA Oei Tong Ham Park
  31. GCBA Queen Astrid Park
  32. GCBA Raffles Park
  33. GCBA Rebecca Park
  34. GCBA Ridout Park
  35. GCBA Ridley Park
  36. GCBA Swiss Club Road
  37. GCBA Victoria Park
  38. GCBA White House Park
  39. GCBA Windsor Park

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