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Why Shophouses?A Glimpse into History

Shophouses in Singapore weave tales of the past. Their intricate facades, colorful tiles, and ornate details evoke nostalgia. Step inside, and you’ll find hidden courtyards, spiral staircases, and secret passages—a blend of tradition and innovation.

From Colonial Roots to Modern Revival

These architectural gems date back to the 19th century when immigrants flocked to Singapore. Originally serving as combined living spaces and ground-floor shops, shophouses evolved with the times. They survived wars, urbanization, and changing tastes. Today, they stand as a testament to resilience and adaptation.

Investment Potential

Owning a shophouse isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a wise investment. Their central locations offer convenience, and their dual-use nature (residential and commercial) provides flexibility. With Singapore’s booming real estate market, shophouses appreciate steadily. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, these properties hold promise.

Shophouse Market Trends

The Singapore property market is an ever-evolving ecosystem, with new developments arising almost everyday.  How can one ever possibly keep up?  Lucky for you, you've got us to do the job for you. Watch this space for all the latest news on market trends, industry updates, new launches, and everything else you could possibly need to keep up with the times and make the most informed decisions for your home and future.
Published on May 13, 2024

Sales volume of shophouses projected to be between S$1.1 billion and S$1.2 billion for the rest of 2024.

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Published on Jul 20, 2023

This decision was made to "safeguard residential land for Singaporeans", according to an announcement by the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) and Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

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Published on May 18, 2022

A three-and-a-half-storey shophouse at 93 Tanjong Pagar Road was sold for S$13.25 million last week, PropNex Realty has announced.The 99-year tenure property sits on a land area of 1,297 sq ft and has an estimated floor area of 4,180 sq ft.PropNex said there were multiple offers for this property about 600m from Keong Saik Road, which has been buzzing with conservation shophouse deals this year. The Business Times reported last week that 3 adjoining freehold shophouses at the prominent corner of Kreta Ayer and Keong Saik roads, were transacted at slightly above S$44 million.

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Published on May 13, 2022

The Keong Saik Road locale has been buzzing with conservation shophouse deals this year. The Business Times understands that 3 adjoining freehold shophouses at the prominent corner of Kreta Ayer and Keong Saik roads, have been transacted at slightly above S$44 million. The trio - at 47, 49 and 51 Kreta Ayer Road - are being sold by Straits Construction Co. Standing on a total land area of about 5,610 sq ft, the 3-storey shophouses with a distinctive facade have a total built-up area of about 11,613 sq ft. The buyer is understood to be Lim Chin Huat, a seasoned property investor who is also involved in the fresh fruits and vegetables supply business, as well as restaurants and wine distribution.

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