Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is designed to provide you with quick and comprehensive answers to your queries about our services, processes, and offerings. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, rent, or simply explore the diverse real estate market, we've got you covered. Dive in to find the information you need and embark on your property journey with confidence.

About the PropertyGiant Team

Who is PropertyGiant?

There are so many property agents in the Singapore market. Why should I choose the PropertyGiant team instead of an independent real estate agent to serve me? 

Does PropertyGiant team co-broke with other property agents?

About Property Giant's Services

I wish to sell my house.  How can PropertyGiant help me sell my property?

I wish to buy a property. How can PropertyGiant help me?

I am a foreigner staying overseas, looking to invest in property in Singapore. How can PropertyGiant help me?

I am a developer, looking for a team to market and sell my units.  Why should I choose PropertyGiant for this role?

I wish to upgrade my property from HDB flat to condo. How can PropertyGiant help me?

I wish to upgrade from Condo to Landed Property.  How can PropertyGiant help me?

I wish to buy a second property. How can PropertyGiant help me?

I saw a Video Home tour by PropertyGiant and would like a similar video shoot for my property too. How much does it cost and what is involved? 

I just bought my house and wish to do some Additions and Alterations or Reconstruction.  How can Property Giant help me? 

About New Launch Properties

Eligibility & General Info about New Launch Properties

What is a "New Launch" Condo?

Is it better to buy a New Launch or a Resale Condo? 

What is the significance to me as a buyer whether a new launch tenure is Freehold or 999-years lease or 99-years lease?

Do I need to do further renovation to my new launch unit or is it live-in condition with complete furnishings once I get my keys?

I would like to visit the showroom of a new launch. Can I walk in or must I make an appointment in advance?

Who should I contact if I would like to make an appointment for a showroom visit?

Is everyone eligible to buy a New Launch?

Is there a minimum income or an income cap to buy a new launch?

Is there a minimum age limit to buy a new launch? 

I am a foreigner married to a Singaporean. Am I eligible to buy a new launch?

I am a foreigner expat in Singapore. Am I eligible to buy a new launch? 

I am a Singapore Senior Citizen. Am I eligible to buy a new launch under my name only?

We are a young Singaporean couple. Are we eligible to buy a new launch?

We are a Singaporean family considering upgrading from HDB to condo. Should we buy a new launch or a resale unit?

I am a Singaporean PR. Am I eligible to buy a new launch? 

I am a single Singaporean who is currently staying overseas for work/studies. Am I eligible to buy a new launch?

I am a single Singaporean who travels extensively for work. Must I be physically present in Singapore to apply for and purchase a new launch condo?

I am a Singapore Citizen who currently owns a HDB flat.  Can I buy a new launch condo as a second property?

I have just sold my house and am looking for a new place to stay within the next 6 months.  Is buying a new launch a suitable option for me? 

New Launch Application and Sales Process

How do I buy a newly launched condo?

How much money do I need on hand to buy a new launch condo?

Am I eligible for any housing grants, discounts, or other subsidies if I am buying a New Launch?

Can I buy my new launch using CPF fully without coming out with any cash up front?

How long is the application process to purchase a new launch unit?

What is the shortest duration from the time I place an Expression Of Interest till I can move into my new launch unit?

How early in advance can I apply for a new launch unit?

What is my next step if I have visited the new launch showroom and like what I see?

How much do I need to pay to submit my Expression Of Interest (EOI) Form?

Besides the selling price of the new launch, what other miscellaneous costs do I need to factor in for my expenses?

Do I have to pay stamp duty for a new launch condo?

Can I select the unit that I want for a New Launch upon submission of EOI?

Is there balloting for the new launch condo units? And if so, when will I receive my balloting number? 

I have received my balloting number. When and how will I be informed of the launch date?

How much must I pay for the Exercise Fee when I sign the Sales & Purchase agreement?

Must the Exercise Fee be paid in cheque/cash or can it be deducted from my CPF?

Thereafter, what are the payment terms like?

Can I cancel my EOI application for a new launch for any reason and will I get a refund of my EOI cheque deposit?

Can I submit an EOI for several new launch condos at the same time, and only later decide which new launch I wish to proceed with?

Engaging a Property Agent for New Launch Purchases

I would like to get a free personal consultation to understand my options and eligibility for purchasing a new launch. Who should I contact?

Do I need a property agent in order to buy a new launch unit?

Do I need to pay the property agent any commission for helping me to purchase my unit?

Can I choose which property agent I want to assist me with my queries and purchase, or will I be randomly assigned a property agent by the developer?

Will the property agent help me calculate my finances and eligibility?

Can the property agent help me with my loan applications?

Can the property agent recommend to me a lawyer for the S&P agreement matters?

How can I be sure that my property agent is appropriately licensed?

Buying a New Launch for Investment

Is buying a new launch a good property investment?

How soon can I resell my new launch unit after purchase?

Can I rent out my new launch unit immediately upon receiving the keys (TOP)?

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