Re-thinking the way real estate is marketed and sold in Singapore.

Re-thinking the way real estate is marketed and sold.

The property landscape is changing.

Property Giant is a dedicated team of real estate salespersons built for the fast-growing economy in Singapore. We are purposed around your interests and aspire to bring you the best networks and experiences.

Your home is an essential part of you.
We help you find it.

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New heights of luxury awaits you.

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At its heart the Property Giant team was deliberately built with intent, ambition and strong expectation. We work diligently to ensure the clients have unbound options, using every opportunity and resource at their fingertips to make decisions that are completely aware and secure.

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Analytics & Reports

Get full access to transparent, consistent and up-to-date data analytics and reports to see how your property is performing on all marketing channels.

In-House Creative

PropertyGiant is home to the most dedicated and forward-thinking minds in Singapore real estate, promising you results unrivalled by any other agency.

Boundless Exposure

In our merging of creative storytelling and advanced digital marketing tools, we guarantee high online visibility and wide-ranging appeal.

Effortless Experience

Our comprehensive services and expert team give you opportunities for the highest return within a seamless, stress-free environment.

Our Network

For more than 20 years, Property Giant specialises in commercial negotiations, real estate market survey, photography & videography, and first-hand information provider.


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