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Monopoly PropNex Singapore Edition | The exciting classic game of Monopoly stands to make a huge come back to Singapore’s families this year, as PropNex just launched its very own exclusive Monopoly PropNex Edition game, on 22 January 2021!

We are all familiar with and probably played the classic Monopoly game sometime during our youth, where players throw dices and navigate around a game board, buying and selling and collecting rent for properties.  The game’s objective is to see who would get bankrupt first and who would have amassed the greatest fortune and real estate empire during the course of 2-4 hours.  Players would have opportunities to earn more or lose money through various chance conditions, taxes, and may also be thrown into “jail.”  Originally created in the 1900s and currently published by Hasbro, this game has featured many countries throughout the decades by using actual location names as its properties and now has various spin offs and editions, being licensed locally in more than 100 countries.  

Introducing the Monopoly PropNex Edition

On 22 January 2021, PropNex introduced its very own curated PropNex Edition of Hasbro’s licensed Monopoly with customised house rules, aimed at educating and empowering both children and adults in a fun way about Singapore’s real estate market and property investment.

With this Monopoly PropNex Edition Game, PropNex aims for players to:

  • Understand the Key Principles of Property Investments in Singapore
  • Practice the crucial Life Skills of Cash Flow Management and Effective Techniques for Real Estate Investments
  • Identify the Risks involved in Property Investment and Avoid Potential Pitfalls of poor financial planning
  • Enjoy a bonding and fun Family Experience while Nurturing Financial Prudence and Investment Skills from a young age!

What makes the Monopoly PropNex Edition different from the Classic Edition?

Firstly, the Monopoly PropNex Edition features Singapore’s real estate landscape, generating awareness of the Core Central Region, rest of Central Region, and outside of Central Region.  Based on the placement of various Singapore locations around the game board in order of property value, players will be subtly educated on what are key property areas for real estate investment.  

Secondly, where the classic Monopoly edition game could last between 2-4 hours at a time, Monopoly PropNex Edition’s average game duration is 1-1.5 hours.  This allows families to start and finish within a comfortable time frame, making it a perfect educational entertainment activity for families to play in the evening after dinner or during weekend family time together.

Thirdly, the house rules of the Monopoly PropNex Edition game differ in several ways from the classic edition to quickly create a conducive learning environment for cash flow management and property investment.  For example, the game kickstarts with the bank dealing out all property title deed cards equally among the players, leaving minimum 3 title deed cards for bidding, even before players begin navigating the game board.  The bank then auctions the remaining property title deed cards to the highest bidders.  Players are also allowed a one-time opportunity to pre-build up to a maximum of 3 houses on their Vacant Plots that they own, before anyone begins to move on the board.  

Fourthly, the Monopoly PropNex Edition game incorporates the unique PropNex branding strongly throughout the game’s details.  Some aspects include the player tokens which include objects such as PropNex’s globe and trophy, the cash money which features the face of PropNex CEO’s Ismail Gafoor, and the “PropNex Shares & Investment Services” Stations which replace where the Public Transport Stations are usually located on the classic edition.

How to Play the Monopoly PropNex Edition?

The objective of this game is to become the wealthiest Player through wise investments of buying, renting, and selling properties while learning and navigating the risks and pitfalls of the real estate journey.  

A detailed Competition Rules Book will be provided in the Monopoly PropNex Edition Game set, explaining specifics on:  

  • How to Set Up
  • How to Play
  • Building Houses and Hotels
  • Deals, Mortgage and Bankruptcy
  • Ending the Game
  • Declaring the Winner
  • Definitions of Various Destinations

You can also watch the following Tutorials provided by Propnex to ace your game!

What does each Monopoly PropNex Edition Game Set include?

Each Monopoly PropNex Edition Game Set includes:

  • Game Board
  • 6 PropNex Tokens
  • 28 Title Deed Cards
  • 16 “Take a Chance on PropNex” Cards
  • 16 PropNex Community Chest Cards
  • 1 Pack of Monopoly Money
  • 32 Houses
  • 12 Hotels
  • 2 Dice

Where and How to Buy the Monopoly PropNex Edition game?

The Monopoly PropNex Edition game is currently available for online purchase HERE, and only available for orders within Singapore.  

The Price for 01 Monopoly PropNex Edition Set is $49.99 (Excluding GST and Delivery Fee).  PropNex Friends enjoy a membership price of $42.99 (Excluding GST and Delivery Fee).

You may select either of the following Delivery options when you make your purchase:  

1. Deliver to your house in 5 working days.  

2. Self-collect from PropNex Office, between 9AM to 5.30PM.  Collection Address: 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, HDB Hub East Wing, #10-01, Customer Service Counters, Singapore 310480.

Limited sets are available, so be sure to contact your PropNex Agent or head online to get your own set of Monopoly PropNex Edition now!  

Note: While the Monopoly PropNex Edition game is currently not available in Malaysia or distributed by PropNex Malaysia, interested parties may contact us here and we will send you more updates from time to time.


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Image credit: Monopoly Propnex

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