Everything You Need To Know About Strata Landed Houses And The Available Strata Landed Projects In Singapore

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Strata landed houses are experiencing a significant comeback in the Singapore property market. In fact, experts foresee the demand for these homes to grow by about 10% by the end of the year and prices to increase a further 6%. Since the popularity of strata landed houses are driven by the increasing necessity of homebuyers to upgrade to homes with larger spaces due to the ongoing pandemic, we expect the market demand of strata landed houses to remain resilient and highly coveted among Singapore homebuyers.

In this article, we’ll provide comprehensive coverage on everything you need to know about strata landed houses including the encouraging factors behind why Singaporeans are ultimately opting for strata landed houses compared to other residential properties in the Singapore property market.

What is a strata landed house?

According to the Urban Development Authority (URA), strata landed houses, also known as cluster houses, consist of strata-titled housing units built on a single development site which feature an array of shared common facilities such as gated security, swimming pools, gyms, communal dining areas and clubhouses. 

The following are three types of landed housing which can be classified as strata landed housing:

  • Strata bungalows (detached houses)
  • Strata semi-detached houses (houses defined by their partial attachment on one side to another unit)
  • Strata terrace houses (houses that are attached along a common boundary party wall and are part of a row of at least three units)

Simply put, homebuyers will enjoy the best of both worlds through strata landed houses. Combining the desirable attributes of condo lifestyle facilities while experiencing the exclusivity and spaciousness of landed living, it's no wonder strata landed houses are now considered highly sought-after properties in Singapore.

Benefits of buying a strata landed house?

  • Regular maintenance of strata landed houses

Typically, the Managing Agent (MA) appointed by the Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) is responsible for handling the repairs, renovations and maintenance works. The upkeep covers swimming pools, landscaping, roads and car parks to repainting the façade of the property, carrying out waterproofing works, restoring architectural elements such as windows, doors and original decorative features to the fumigation of the premises. In the long run, homeowners are rest assured the infrastructure of strata landed homes are guaranteed to be well-preserved as it ages.

Apart from that, it goes without saying that in the world of property, a well-maintained home is a highly valuable asset. So, another facet homeowners will find appealing is that the routine maintenance work performed over the years will help retain the market value and secure the investment interests of strata landed homes. Down the line, if homeowners should choose to sell their strata-titled housing units and upgrade to an entirely new home, we forecast they'll not only generate a decent profit from the transaction but they'll have a steady group of interested buyers.

  • Advantages of living in gated and guarded communities 

On top of resolving any concerns related to maintenance work, homeowners will find pleasure in the prestigious and affluent lifestyle of residing in a gated and guarded community. Generally, most strata landed houses include round-the-clock surveillance, guarded entrance and controlled access providing increased security and safety to homeowners. Furthermore, homeowners will have a greater sense of privacy and a tremendously quieter and peaceful environment which provides freedom from noises and disturbances compared to living in a crowded condominium. 

Residing in strata landed housing has its additional benefits. Other than living in a gated and guarded community, homeowners will have full access to a wide array of shared communal facilities ranging from swimming pools, gyms, clubhouses, playgrounds to green gardens. With these recreational facilities right at their doorstep, homeowners will have very few reasons to head out as most of their leisurely needs will be met. It's also worthy to note, the size of the strata landed houses development site influences the number of facilities on the premises. So, the larger the development site, the more facilities it carries.

  • Spacious layouts of strata landed houses offers flexible options

Since the pandemic began, buying patterns have significantly shifted towards homes with larger spaces. This is especially true for young, growing and mature families who find the benefits of strata landed houses fit their requirements. The extensive multi-storey floors and rooms provide a flexible living arrangement for multi-generation living and are able to function as home offices and home studios for those working from home or running home-based businesses and virtual classrooms set-ups can be easily arranged for children of all age groups. Moreover, the expansive space of strata landed houses are less confining for homeowners which is becoming an increasingly important necessity during the ongoing pandemic.

"I'm upgrading from an HDB. Should I get a condominium or a strata landed house?"

Strictly speaking, if your budget is priced between S$2,500,000 to S$3,000,000, you'll have a wide selection of options of residential properties to choose from. However, if you're specifically having trouble choosing whether to upgrade from an HDB to either a condominium or a strata landed house, we recommend strata landed house as the top choice for you.

Here are a few things for you to consider:

A major factor worth taking into account, is the affordability of strata landed houses. Although their price point has a minor caveat since it's slightly higher than condominiums, it's largely compensated by being significantly lower compared to traditional landed homes. So, for homeowners looking for homes with larger spaces in land-scarce Singapore without committing to the hefty price tag of a traditional landed home, strata landed houses is the right choice for you. In addition to that, homebuyers will find the mixture of landed houses and condo facilities a worthwhile and financially sensible two-for-one deal. 

Another determining factor is the smaller sizes of newer and future condominiums projects. The shift towards below-average size condominiums are due to the consistent increase in property prices which results in homes built with noticeably limited spaces for a more reasonable price. So, when upgrading to a strata landed house, homebuyers aren't only purchasing the property and the airspace, but more generous open spaces and an ample greener environment. This is within the same price range as buying a small condominium with lesser rooms and a more confined space at a prime location. 

What are the strata landed projects available in the market and where are they located?

1. Normanton Park

Normanton Park

Normanton Park is a leasehold property located in District 5. Developed by the award-winning developer, Kingsford Development, it houses 1,862 residential units consisting of 9 residential towers and 22 strata terrace houses. Normanton Park is also considered one of the most strategically located properties in Singapore. The TOP will be available by December 2023.

Parkwood Collection

2.  Parkwood Collection

This development is a rare gem consisting of 53 unit exclusive strata landed housing development located within Realty Park Estate, District 19. Developed by China’s largest property developers, Fantasia Group, Parkwood Collection was a winner of the Asia Property Awards Best Strata Housing Development in 2020. The expected TOP will be in 2022.

The Whitley Residences

3. The Whitley Residences

Developed by the reputable Hoi Hup Realty, The Whitley Residences is a freehold housing development consisting of 61 units of 3-storey semi-detached houses and terraces. Located in the prime location of District 11, the development was completed in 2017. So, for those looking to upgrade or move into a new home immediately at a highly prestigious address, this is a great option for you to consider.

Parc Clematis

4. Parc Clematis

Parc Clematis is a leasehold property located at District 5. Developed by the renowned SingHaiyi Group, it houses 1,468 residential units consisting 9 units of 24-storey apartment blocks, 12 units of 2-storey strata terraces, and 6 units of 2-storey strata bungalows. The development is situated at a mature estate locale. The TOP will be available by December 2023.

Kent Ridge Hill Residences

5. Kent Ridge Hill Residences

Located at District 5’s South Buona Vista Road, Kent Ridge Hill Residences is developed by the prolific Oxley Spinel Pte. Ltd. The leasehold development project has 548 residential units in total, including 50 units of strata landed houses. The development and its surrounding area are under the Queenstown URA Master Plan. The TOP will be available by December 2024.

Nim Collection

6. Nim Collection

This development consists of 98 units which include a mix of terraces, intermediate terraces and semi-detached units. Located at Nim Road off Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, District 28, Nim Collection was developed by Singapore United Estates (Pte) Ltd and Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited. Notably, the architecture was designed by the well-respected Mok Wei Wei, Managing Director of W Architects who's responsible for several of Singapore’s most exclusive addresses.

Whitehouse Residences

7. Whitehouse Residences

Whitehouse Residences is a freehold cluster housing development located on Stevens Road in the prime District 10. Developed by the esteemed Asia Garden Development Pte Ltd, it houses 12 selected units consisting of semi-detached houses and condominiums. Several ambassadors and distinguished politicians call this area home due to its exclusivity and sophistication.

Belgravia Ace

8. Belgravia Ace

Belgravia Ace is a freehold property located in District 28. Developed by the award-winning developer, Tong Eng Group, it consists of 107 semi-detached houses. This development is the third and latest installment of the Belgravia Collection of cluster housing. The Belgravia series include Belgravia Villas and Belgravia Green, and the widely anticipated Belgravia Ace.

What to know about buying strata landed houses vs pure landed houses?

On the surface, it might seem as though there are characteristics overlapping between strata landed houses and pure landed houses which could be a source of confusion for homebuyers. Here, we will address what you need to know about strata landed houses and pure landed houses so homebuyers will be able to make informed decisions regarding their next purchase.

  • Land title

For strata landed houses, homeowners will only have ownership of the property and the airspace itself. The land title which the strata landed houses sits on belongs to the property developers. As for pure landed houses, ownership of the property and land title belongs to the homeowner.

  • Maintenance fees 

Generally speaking, homeowners of strata landed houses are required to pay monthly maintenance fees and a sinking fund to maintain the surrounding environment of their premises. As a result, homeowners won’t have to deal with contractors and groundskeepers in the long run. As for pure landed houses, homeowners won’t have to pay for monthly maintenance fees. However, they will need to spend more effort in maintaining their home which includes managing the landscape, infrastructure of the property and facilities. At the end of the day, the cost of maintaining pure landed houses could be pricier compared to strata landed houses.

  • Resellability 

The resellability of strata landed homes have a performance history of retaining market value owing to their limited supply in the Singapore property market. Also, as mentioned above, strata landed homes are considered highly valuable assets as long as maintenance work is routinely executed. As for pure landed homes (and strata landed homes to an extent), there are several factors to weigh in such as where the residential property is located, the size of the residential property, the age and condition of the residential property including the upgrades done on the residential property.

  • Renovation

For strata landed houses, there are limitations when it comes to renovating their houses. Approval of renovation works must be sought from the Management Corporation (MC). As for pure landed houses, homeowners are free to renovate their houses in whichever way they find appropriate, given they observe the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) guidelines. With that said, pure landed houses are more suited for those who enjoy the option of customizing their houses. Homeowners are able to choose to repaint the infrastructure of their property, install pools or private lifts and so on.

Are you currently looking for the strata landed home of your dreams? Here at Property Giant, we can assist you through searching for the best deals on strata landed homes in the Singapore property market. Contact us now for advice on your next purchase at +6561006199 now!

Disclaimer: The aforementioned facilities and maintenance services will differ between different strata landed house developments. Buyers are advised to perform due diligence before purchasing the strata landed house of their choice.

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