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Video Production

It cannot be denied.  Reading habits are on a steady decline.  Our collective attention span is waning.  We as a society are changing and evolving towards an ever growing visual space where we no longer just imagine; we see.

Creative marketing and storytelling in our rapidly expanding technological era has leapt off the page forward onto a more immersive sensory platform where in front of our eyes, ideas and experiences are able to breathe lives of their own.  With the tools and resources we now have to express ourselves through more visually compelling mediums, video production has grown to become a major pinnacle in effective communication and marketing.

In today’s digital age, a well-produced video is key to marketing.  Our video content marketing services are crafted with the intention of pulling the infinite scrollers and mindless double tappers out of the haze of oversaturated media and into our world, where dreams see the light of day.

Just like every person is different, so is every home.  Our property tour and promotional listing videos are thoughtfully crafted to uncover the heart of the home, highlighting the unique character and key selling points of the property, so we can connect the right people to the right homes.

Other than our home tour and listing videos, we also offer additional video services to our clients—interviews, live-in experiences, neighbourhood tours, how-to’s, explainers—that showcase the nuances of a home and give potential buyers a more multifaceted and in-depth perspective on what it has to offer.

3D Home Tours

We have said this before and we will say it again: vision is everything.  In order to effectively market a property, sellers must now be able to bring potential buyers on a journey and help them to visualise what their home life could be like.  The virtual design capabilities of our modern times have raised the bar on how we can do that.

Our 3D home tours add an additional layer to our visual platforms, allowing buyers to truly dip their feet in and experience homes on a seemingly ground level.  While our video tours give buyers the chance to experience a virtual depiction of a property viewing, our 3D tours offer a virtual depiction of actually living there.

We make use of cutting edge graphics and technology to build 3D virtual 360 models of your home, even allowing buyers the customisation option to include any renovation plans they may have for the property.  By building an immersive, versatile and multi-dimensional visual space, you have the potential to market your home to people far outside the borders of Singapore.  Foreign buyers can view and experience living in your home without ever having to step foot in it.

Social Media Marketing

The uprising of video content goes hand-in-hand with that of social media.  Now, people are able to gain access to information and services at a faster rate than was ever possible with traditional media.  With all these possibilities at our fingertips, we as consumers risk becoming overexposed, overwhelmed by the onslaught of content available to us at all times.

PropertyGiant’s social media marketing services have been expertly crafted to help drown out all that noise and get to the root of who our audience is and what their needs are.

The social media machine has revolutionised how we as a society are able to do business, bringing audience reach and penetration rates to whole new heights with its accessibility and ability to identify and target specific demographics that span across a global spectrum.

We take advantage of the latest in digital tools and social media analytics, constantly updating and seeking new developments, to not only widen your reach of potential options but also hone in on the demographics that best suit your property.

The data and reports that we collect are then used to custom curate your social media marketing campaign accordingly to ensure that your efforts are targeted to the right audience and in the most effective frame.

Search Marketing

With around two billion websites and an estimated 12 to 24 million e-commerce websites worldwide, how does one find ways to stand out on the internet?  A simple Google search can churn out millions of results.  Search “Singapore properties for sale” and more than 88 million results appear, all ranked within a specific algorithm that prioritises some websites over others.

Our job is to crack that algorithm for you.

Our expert digital marketing team uses search engine optimisation and marketing to further drive our marketing efforts to not only build you a website but get that website higher up in search results and have it appear in as many combinations of relevant keyword searches as possible.

In short, if someone is looking for a home online, we make sure they know about yours.

Our search marketing strategy guarantees high visibility of your property and high quality targeted traffic from search engine results so that your home has every opportunity available to find its ideal owner.

Home Staging

A house does not always make a home.  But if you can make a place feel like home, you can make anyone want to stay.  Here at PropertyGiant, we believe wholeheartedly in the importance of making a good first impression. 

Some homes spend years on the market not because they are unlivable but because buyers are not drawn to how they are presented.  But just like how every buyer has their own set of unique needs and desires, every home has its own unique character and appeal, if only we are able to peel the layers back enough to see them.

Buyers need to be able to see themselves living there.  And that is what we are here to make sure they do.

We want your property to make the best possible first impression. With the right furnishing, finishing and lighting, our in-house team of designers and decorators will turn your property into a fully lived home experience, creating a warm and inviting environment that is impossible to say no to.

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