“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing
a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team." - Reid Hoffman

Sales Team

Made up of realtors, consultants and specialists in different fields, our highly-trained and experienced team helps you navigate the ins and outs of the Singapore property market.

Melvyn Xu


Yian Wong


Serena Goh


Digital Media & Marketing

Keeping our finger on the pulse of the current digital age is this team of bright and innovative minds, each with a passion in digital trends and of disrupting the old game of real estate marketing.

Emily Lim
Lynn Tiang
Kenji Yeo
Kenji Yeo


More often than not, buyers and sellers in the property market find themselves in situations where they need to compromise on their wants and needs in order to reach some kind of an agreement.  You find yourself constrained by a number of different factors.  But luxury should not have constraints.  Here at PropertyGiant, we want to eliminate as many of those constraints as we possibly can.  We want you to be free to dream and dream big.

How do we do that?

With a fresh and forward-thinking approach to real estate, we aim to redefine the limits of the market.  There are no limits in our definition.
Here, we turn unmet hopes of comfort and luxury into lived realities.  The Singapore urbanscape is brimming with opportunities to transform your everyday life into something you only dared to dream.  We want to help you find that dream, shape it and birth it into your reality.

Our open-minded perspective and barefaced aspiration is reflected not just in how we treat our clients but also the people who work here.  We welcome people of all walks of life, fostering a supportive work environment where you are free to learn and grow along the way.


The history of real estate spans centuries long, first beginning in the early days of farming with the earliest signs of real estate brokerage appearing sometime in the mid-1800s.  Despite the growth and development that has happened since, the industry has reached somewhat of a plateau in recent decades.  Nowadays, every property transaction begins and ends more or less the same.

But we want to change that.  We want to transform the real estate space.

We bring new life to this old game, constantly on the lookout for the latest in digital trends and advancements at every turn and juncture of our journey.  Always seeking new ways to update and revitalise our marketing efforts, we do not compete or compare with others.  There is no comparison as with all that has already been done, we choose to do differently.

In that frame of mind, the only real competition we have is with ourselves.  Every new client is a new opportunity to find a fresh new approach to creative marketing, challenging ourselves to be bigger and better every time.


As a collective, we believe that all barriers to communication and resolution boil down to a lack of transparency and an inability to express proper intentions.  Here at PropertyGiant, we want to break down those barriers and cultivate an unclouded environment that encourages open communication and the bold ideas that it inspires.

Exuding warmth and integrity, we believe that trust is the most important factor in any relationship.  We do not play games or politics nor do we hold our cards too close to our chest; we lay our cards out face up on the table so that everybody wins.

Our doors are always open to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Here, stupid questions do not exist.  Rather than be bogged down by the technicals, we want to eliminate all your concerns so that your mind is free to make the choices that matter.

Any question or problem that arises, throw it at us and we will find you the answer.  There are no walls between client and agent.  We strive to give you all the information and guidance you need to make decisions that you believe wholeheartedly in.


As technology grows more advanced, many jobs requiring human labour have and will become redundant.  The rapid advancements of artificial intelligence are sending us further and faster down that road.  But one thing that artificial intelligence has yet to be able to replace or replicate is the creative mind.

In this era of social media where new content is going online every second of the day, content that is able to create meaning and engagement has limitless potential.  Every home has its own story to tell; our goal is to dig out those stories and share them as widely and effectively as we humanly can so we can find the people who fit in them.

But telling a good story requires both empathy and fearlessness; empathy to find the heart of the story, and fearlessness to tell it no matter how far outside the box it falls.  We employ a soft touch of both in order to to pair the right home to the right owner.

Our intricate blend of professional skill and experience together with our proficiency in various creative mediums gives rise to infinite possibilities of what we can deliver.


PropertyGiant cultivates an immensely collaborative work environment.  We believe that everyone has their own unique contribution to offer the world and our team functions on that same narrative.  Each individual in our team is always open to sharing their knowledge and experience, fostering a living, breathing community that is constantly growing and evolving.

We are a support system within ourselves, always ready to lend a hand wherever is needed.  This, in turn, reduces the risk of mistakes and when mistakes are made, we learn from them together as a team.

Our collaborative spirit does not extend solely to our workforce but our client base as well.  Your opinions and insights matter to us.  We do not wish to steamroll over you or keep you out of the loop.  To us, our clients are an integral part of the loop.  In finding or selling a home together, we hope to grow together as well, so that anyone who crosses paths with PropertyGiant finds themselves forever changed.

There is a ceiling to what can be achieved alone.  With the combined force of our dynamic and high-spirited team, we make certain that the service you receive from us is second to none.

Why partner with us

The Property Giant team has been carefully curated with purpose, vision and high aspiration at its forefront. Our team works tirelessly to ensure our clients have choices unbound, with every tool and resource at their disposal to make fully informed and confident decisions.

Our Team

PropertyGiant is home to the most dedicated and forward-thinking minds in real estate, carefully curated with purpose, vision and high aspiration at its forefront.  Each person brings their own individual colour and tone to the team, adding layers and depth to the tapestry that is our collective vision.

Our team is our most valuable asset, the backbone of our organisation.

They embody our spirit and passion, our imagination and ideas, our goals and intentions.  They bring the energy to our day-to-day, breathing life into our motivations.  They are the underlying through line turning our concepts into concrete plans.

Made up of an eclectic mix of people skilled in various spheres from sales and analytics to digital media and design, the PG team works within a highly collaborative space, combining skills and strengths to provide our clients with premium services you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

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For more than 20 years, Property Giant specialises in commercial negotiations, real estate market survey, photography & videography, and first-hand information provider.

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