Serena Goh

Senior Real Estate Strategist

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Prior to becoming a property agent, Serena Goh had spent two years working in the hospitality industry. However, she quickly realised that she did not enjoy being in a corporate environment and sitting at a desk everyday. Coming from a big family, she was used to being around people, frequently having loved ones over to cook and eat together. She knew that she needed to find a job that would allow her to meet more people, something that would truly excite and fulfill her.

Serena then made the brave decision to leave her job in hospitality and look for a job as a Personal Assistant (PA) instead. In her mind, that was a job where she could learn and try new things, something that was a priority for her. She, then, applied to become a PA to a property agent. The idea of working with a property agent really appealed to her as she knew that real estate was a very well-rounded industry that would offer many opportunities to learn, grow and meet new people. However, when she went for the job interview, the agent saw that she had potential to become an agent herself and recommended that she get her license instead.

She has since accumulated nearly eight years of experience as a property agent in the residential market, with a client base mostly consisting of first-time homebuyers as well as HDB and private residential upgraders.

Serena does not just find homes for her clients but also helps with reorganising and restructuring their financial portfolio through properties. With her guidance on loans and financing, many of her clients who thought they did not have the financial capacity to upgrade their homes have now come to find that they can afford much more than they initially thought. To her, being a property agent is not about sales but about providing a service. She prides herself on her honesty and ability to provide a neutral standpoint, promising transparency and objectivity to her clients. The most fulfilling part of her job is not in making a sale but in understanding her clients well enough to help them find their dream home or increase their wealth in ways they did not think they could. That is why she always makes sure to get to know her clients and maintain long-term relationships with them. She finds true joy in meeting new people and finding ways to make their lives better.

Serena believes that everyone is different, with their own unique needs and preferences. What is right for someone else might not be right for you. She wants to help you cut through the noise of new launches and trends, to help you find a home that is right for you.

Spoken Languages:

English, Mandarin

Property awards

Platinum Achiever on May 2021, Awarded by Propnex

Year 2021

  • Propnex Platinum Achiever (August & September 2021)
  • Propnex Monthly Award - 71st Position in Platinum Achiever (May 2021)
  • Propnex Gold Achiever (March & April 2021)

Year 2020

  • Propnex Gold Achiever (October, November, December 2020)
  • Propnex Super Gold Achiever (March, June, July, September 2020)

Year 2019

  • Propnex Gold Achiever (May & July 2019)

Year 2018

  • Propnex 1st Quarter - 199th Position in Top Individual Producer Award
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