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Melvyn Xu

Co-Founder / Property Strategist

Like many of us at Property Giant, Melvyn Xu did not initially start out in the real estate sector. Having graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science (Information Technology) in 2000, he initially worked as a programmer for about four years.

But at the recommendation of a friend, he made the decision to leave the IT industry and dip his toes into property instead. That one dip turned into 16 years and, with the support from his wife and family, Melvyn has never looked back.

With a built up reputation as a trustworthy and reliable agent, Melvyn’s core focus lies in the residential market, centred around the East Coast and Central Area of Singapore. His referrals and longstanding experience have nudged him more towards the mid- to high-end private residential markets in Singapore’s prime areas, with some focus on the HDB market as well. But his willingness to take on any new opportunities as they arise, unafraid to delve into unknown waters, is what makes him a well-respected name in the industry.

At the root of his motivations and his work lie a true passion and joy for meeting new people and helping them to tackle the problems that come along in their journey to finding the right investment for them. From coordinating timelines for buyers and sellers to pest control and appliance maintenance for clients renting out their property, Melvyn is always happy to be of service to his clients with whatever they need.

The quality of his work is reflected in the long-term relationships he has with many of his clients, several of which span more than a decade long. His sincere and transparent approach to property has garnered genuine trust from his clients. When you take Melvyn on as an agent, you know that the advice and guidance you receive is completely unbiased and in your best interests.

Not one to run away from a problem, he is always dedicated to ensuring that every problem that arises finds a solution. Clients with investment properties are at ease, knowing that Melvyn is capable of handling everything from finding new tenants to house maintenance and improvements. Melvyn is humbled to have cultivated such trusting, positive relationships with his clients which, in turn, motivates him to work even harder on their behalf.

Having joined PropNex in 2017, Melvyn and his division have since become one of the top 10 divisions in their category. The competitive nature of the agency has pushed him to constantly move and evolve, which is what has inspired him to start Property Giant, together with his business partners. Rather than become complacent, Melvyn chooses instead to step out of his comfort zone to bring something fresh and original to the Singapore property market.

With his many years of experience, Melvyn wants to guide you out of any misconceptions you may have to help you make decisions that will be sure to benefit you in the long run.

Spoken Languages:

English, Mandarin, Teochew

Property awards

#1 Position in the Whole of PropNex's Almost 9000 Property Agents

  • Gold Achiever Award 5 Figure Commission (Apr 2021)
  • Top Project Sales Transactor Position 3rd (Feb 2021)
  • Top Group District Director 4th (2020)
  • Annual Convention 2019 Position 52 (2018)
  • Annual Convention 2016 Position 7 (2016)
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