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Lynn Tiang

Co-Founder / Marketing Head

Though originally graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore, Lynn’s wings span far wider than the scope of science. Having first started out in the pharmaceutical sector, she spent several years in real estate before starting her own travel company in 2009. Currently, she is also hosting for Open House Singapore on property home tours and Facebook Live.

With vision, dedication and hard work, the company has since grown to become an influential and highly renowned force in the local travel industry, while also shaping Lynn into the inspiring and enterprising leader she is today.

If that’s not enough, her natural warmth and charisma has also made her an excellent teacher and trainer. A certified Advanced Behavioral and Career Consultant from the Institute of Motivational Learning, USA, Corporate Trainer and Business Owner, Lynn has not only built her own successful career but has guided many into successes of their own.

The experience and network she has accumulated across her various fields of work, combined with her genuine enthusiasm and creativity has given her the ability to juggle multiple roles, whether it’s as sales & marketing director, graphic designer, finance manager, team leader, or certified tour manager.

Striking a balance between her natural gifts and her desire for learning and growth, she has now set out to start a new chapter in her ever-evolving journey, with a return to the real estate sector. This time round, she carries with her an even larger wealth of knowledge, expertise and keen awareness of market trends and needs, bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to the Singapore property market.

Together with her two co-founders, Lynn aims to redefine the industry and elevate it to all new heights with her own unique blend of innovation, passion and fearlessness.

Spoken Languages:

English, Mandarin, Hokkien (conversational)

Property awards

Honour Achievements of 2021, Awarded by Propnex

  • Top Transactor Position 131 (Feb 2021)
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