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We Bring New Life to the Old Game of Real Estate

The PropertyGiant team is made up of realtors, creators and developers, who believe in redefining the real estate landscape through a modern digital lens.  We are passionate and highly spirited, always seeking new avenues to learn, grow and elevate our skills and premium services to higher peaks.

We strive to immerse our audience both visually and digitally, using the combined forces of our creative and forward-thinking minds.  People who join our team must be open-minded and innovative, not afraid to think outside the box and push the barriers of what is considered the norm.

Read Our Values to learn more about the core principles that build the foundation of our team structure.

Why Join Us?

Aiming to redefine the world of real estate, our team is at the cutting edge of digital marketing trends.  Our content and services are measured over a high standard, focussed on providing information and visualisation within a concise and neatly presented package.  Mediocrity is not in our nature.

There is never a dull day in the office; passion brings colour to every one of them.  We sincerely enjoy each other’s company and that joy can be seen reflected in our work.  The people in our team are our greatest, most valuable assets and we treat them as such.  Just like a home, when they are well taken care of, their value only appreciates over time.

We believe that each new person that is added to the team has something unique and entirely their own to bring to the table.  Fostering a culture that encourages growth and support, we are constantly learning from each other, perceiving every setback as an opportunity to learn and reflect on our work process, updating it as we go along.

By joining us, you will be surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the industry, working within a progressive and constantly evolving space that is always looking for new ways to improve.


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